Darko Čengija

Information architect and interaction designer

Darko is a physicist turned NLP master practitioner turned information architect and interaction designer. Before his work in UX Passion, Darko was working as a soft skills trainer, especially focusing on communication and negotiation skills. Besides this, he also attended a number of various trainings in this field and a two years long extensive training in Neuro-linguistic programming.
At UX Passion, Darko has been working on a wide range of different projects, from mobile and desktop applications to web applications and websites. Most of his work is in the field of information architecture and interaction design (most notable clients were Vodafone, RealNetworks, Microsoft Croatia), but over the last two years the number of usability projects that include user testing has been constantly growing (the clients with these projects were IBM Croatia, Nestle S.A., Croatian Telekom and VIP).