Kristijan Jurkovic

Android Team Lead

I started writing web apps and web sites in 2004 as a hobby. Those were simple apps written with XHTML, CSS and PHP/MySQL combo. 6 years later I decided to make a living out of my hobby so I got my first pro job in company Superies Ltd. where I've worked as developer. Variety of everyday tasks with different technologies such as SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, Android SDK expanded my knowledge and my views beyond simple and easy to implement things to large ERP and BI Systems, Mobile application development. In March 2012 I moved to another company and another city (Zagreb) in which I got better grasp of technologies such as Java. Besides my regular work I enjoy expanding my knowledge with good books. After 2 years at Interactive1, I moved to an awesome company in Zagreb - Infinum. I improved in mobile development - Android to be exact and after 2 years here I became team lead.